Specifications / Utilities

The 28' Kitchen Trailer is ready upon arrival for operations. With easy plug n play utilities, this unit is very easy to operate and maintain.  Setup and operations are very basic and simple making the operation of this unit last on your list of things to worry about. RS delivers unit, sets it up, trains onsite personnel, stays onsite until you feel comfortable with operation AND stays in contact throughout the entire rental.  These units are low profile and can push out over 1,000 meals a day easily. Can be fully customized to fit your needs!

Unit: 28' __

28' Mobile Kitchen Trailers for Rent

1. 2 Axle Trailer with Electric Brakes

2. White aluminum Smooth exterior

3. 4'x8' Concession Window with screens

4. 36" Door with Screen

5. Rooftop HVAC Units

6. Exhaust Hood with Suppression

7. Enclosed Lights

8. DS Convection Oven, Fryers, Flattop, Range

9. 2 Door Refrigerator & Freezer

10. Hand Sink, 3 Basin sink, Water Heater

240v 100Amp Panel - Hardwire 240v 80Amps

3/4" Hose Connection with backflow preventer

2" Waste connection 

1/2"-3/4" Pipe Fitting with shut off for Propane


10' Hose with Regulator Quick Connect

Propane Tanks

Waste Pump & Waste tank

Sur Flo Fresh water Pump and Tank



Some layouts vary from trailer to trailer. RS can customize to fit your needs.

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