Mobile kitchen trailer rental

1. What is / are rental periods available?

Rental Solutions offers customers many options for rentals from; 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, Monthly, Extended rates, Two Week Rates, or custom package pricing.

2. Deposit required?

You have the option to open an account up. Please allow time for this. It could take 2-4 weeks. Rental Solutions accepts all major credit cards, wire transfers and checks.  Usually we require 1st month & Freight as deposit, or 25% Non refundable deposits. We bill before delivery, or every 28 days in advance.

3. Where do you provide your services or rentals?

Rental Solutions provides rentals and services nationwide and Internationally. We have branches and depots strategically staged throughout the US for distribution of our Skid Kitchens and trailers.  We also work with specialized freight partners that can help us ship equipment internationally with ISO Containers. We have provided equipment to Washington for strike camps, California for US Open, FL for TPC PGA events, Texas for disaster relief camps, and MA for temporary kitchen. We will go anywhere!