Mobile kitchen trailer rental

Portable/Mobile Dishwashers

​MKS has a large and diverse inventory of portable dishwashers for your rental needs. From renovations, expanded operations, special events or disaster relief we have what you need.  Each unit can be setup specific for your job and can be packaged with ancillary equipment to help support your rental. Additional items include:

  • Soil and Clean tables
  • Dish Racks
  • Garbage Disposal
  • 3 Basin Pot Sink
  • 1 Basin Sink
  • Dryers
  • Waste Water Pumps
  • Waste Tanks
  • Grease Traps
  • Fresh water Tank
  • Fresh Water Pump
  • Plumbing Packages
  • ​Soap Dispensing Systems
  • Technical Support
  • ​Chemical Supply

Rack/Conveyer Dish machines with soil and clean table. Units setup with chemical dispensing systems and have internal water heaters and booster heaters.  Units have production of 200-250 racks per hour and require 208v 200-250Amps

We have low temp units requiring only 110v 30Amps, or high temp units that require 208v 50Amps.  Each have capabilities of soil and clean tables.  Units can be skid mounted or in modular, tented and/or kitchen trailers

1 Door Low or High Temp Rack Dishwasher

Dishwasher rental Flight dishwasher

Flight units can be skid mounted or in modular/tented kitchens.  Unit is setup with 1 main 208v 400Amp connection.  Come with chemical dispensing systems and do 19,000 dishes per hour

Conveyer/Rack Dish Machine or C Line Units

Flight Dish Machine

1 Door UnderCounter Dishwasher

Units are perfect for small demand. Rack units 240v 30Amp with 2-3 minute cycle