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Tented Temporary Laundry Facility has capability of providing customers up to 80 Washer/Dryer units, 2-4 Mop Sinks, Wire Racking, Water Heater's, climate controlled area, High bay lighting, washable level floor, optional doors and tables. Depending on size of structure & Units needed power could be from 208v 400Amps to 208v 800Amps. MKS can provide all inside plumbing and electrical to main connection points.

MKS has a large inventory of mobile laundry trailers/containers available. From 20' & 40' Containerized units to 24', 36' & 53' Trailered units. All readily available for quick deployment and quickly capable of being setup for your rental needs.Type your paragraph here.  In addition MKS has the capability of building out a custom/temporary tented laundry facility with up to 100 Washer & Dryer units including all electric and plumbing to main connections points. 

Each temporary trailer/container or tented space has a variety of optional services including; Generator, power distro, fresh & Waste water tanks, wire racking, hand sinks, mop sinks, water heaters, climate control, turnkey wash & Fold services, tented areas for setup/storage and service. MKS has capability of providing a turnkey camp if needed.

Portable Laundry Units and Structures

20' & 40' Containerized Units having the capabilities of easy shipping, ground level, and quick setup and easy operations. Units come in quantities of 5, 10, 15 units.

53' Laundry Trailer has capability of providing 14 Washer/Dryer units, 2 Mop Sinks, Wire Racking, Water Heater, climate controlled area. Unit requires 208v 400Amps, 1" 45PSI Fresh water and 2-4" Waste water drain