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Formula 1 Grand Prix

Tented Kitchen with Kitchen PODs, Dishwasher, Refrigeration

Western Southern Open

40' Event Kitchen/Refrigeration/Tented Kitchen


PGA Tour

Tented Kitchen Facility on the 18th Hole. Also provide Food & Beverage Kitchens along Course. Over 20 Double Stack Ovens, 50 Hot Boxes, Tilt Skillets, Ranges, Fryers, and Portable Skid Kitchens

Hill School

100x116 Dining/Buffet Structure and 66x66 Kitchen. Up for renovation. Included Cooking POD, flight dishwasher, portable refrigeration, Cooking equipment, buffet


Temporary dining and kitchen facility for line workers during blizzards

Disaster Relief/Government


66x100 Temporary facility. 16x66 Kitchen, 86x100 Dining/Buffet Area. 7 Month Renovation Project

Renovations/Expanded Ops

BSA World Jamboree  

100x200 Tented Kitchen (40' Event PODs/Skid Kitchens)

Flight Dishwashers

Portable walk in Coolers/Freezers

30' Kitchen Trailers

Generators/AC Units/Light Towers/Gators


50x66 Temporary Kitchen & Dinging structure for renovation project. Included Restroom, dining and buffet area, along with kitchen area. Dishwashing/refrigeration/cooking equipment

Kentucky Derby

Event POD, Dishwashing Tent, Concession Tents

Ft Bliss

Temporary dining and kitchen facility for troops

Special Events

Atlantic City Beach Party

Tented Kitchen with "Skid" units on the beach for concert