Mobile kitchen trailer rental


1 Door Rack Dishwasher

Dishwasher Packages; including Sinks, water heater, exhaust

Tented Temporary Dish Structures

Our undercounter rack dishwashers are compact in size and can fit full size dish racks.  Units are 2-3 minute cycles, very easy to use.

Our 1 Door Rack Dishwasher units are ideal for small areas for temporary kitchens. We have units that are 110v 30A low temp, or 208v 50A high temp.  Al come with soil and clean table packages.

Skid Mobile Dishwashers

  • Generators
  • Cable Packages
  • Dish Racks
  • Rinse/Chemical systems & Packages
  • Onsite Support

Need very high volume wash capabilities? Rental Solutions carries flight dishwashing units skid mounted with water heater packages. Units can be placed with forklifts, camlock ready and up and running in 30-60 minutes. Just need fresh water, electric and means of waste water. 480v 100Amps / 208v 200Amps

Flight Dish Machine

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To compliment your portable kitchen equipment, Rental Solutions provides skid mounted mobile dishwashers.  We have several units of different sizes available for our customers to use. Renovations, event rentals, expanded operations, disaster relief; we have the equipment you need for your event.  Our units come with a variety of support/auxillary options to add features to your equipment rental.

Need pumps, or complete self contained systems? We have a full line of support equipment available to add to your unit.

  • Waste Pumps / Waste Tanks
  • Pipe, Flex Hose, Potable Lines, Braided Hose
  • Grease Traps
  • ​Fresh water pumps

Conveyer Dish Machine

Tanks/Plumbing Packages

Our C Line Dishwashers are what you need for high volume wash needs. Units are skid mounted so they can be place with forklift. Easy plug n play utilities. All units already have a Eco Lab Rinse system installed for soap dispensing, and all come with soil/clean table setups.  Need more? We have a full accessories line that can be added to any package.

Accessories / Packages

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