Mobile kitchen trailer rental

Plumbing packages

tented kitchen, skid kitchen, mobile kitchen renovation
Kitchen renovation, temporary kitchen, field kitchen

interior Cooler Access, Walk in units, flush mount as needed with backup compressors

Depending on your event or location, you may not have access to water. We can supply our customers with temporary plumbing packages for fresh and waste water, tanks, pumps, grease traps. Supply main disconnects for utilities.

Structures great for hot or cold environments.  33'x50' Structure with 16' overhang

Tented Temporary Kitchen & Dining Facility

We offer a wide variety of types of tents; Clearspan, Pole, Structure, and inflatable units.  We can size the structures to fit your needs. From a simple 20x20 to a 66x200, we have what you need. Including lights, sidewall, flooring, doors, exit signs. Any size you need. We offer soft and Hardwall

temporary dining hall, dining renovation rental

Tented Kitchen and Dining Facilities

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Our team can provide temporary cable, distribution panels, and run power throughout the kitchen and connect to all equipment and supply customer with additional circuits.  We will supply the customer a disconnect that they can tie into

Double Door entrance to prep/storage area

Custom Equipment Layout

Power Distribution Packages

Growing in popularity, Tented temporary kitchens have been becoming more and more popular. They started with Food & Beverage customers in the event industry and now Rental Solutions provides "Skid Kitchens" and customize tented kitchens for customers needs from events, expanded operations and now temporary solutions for renovations. These custom structures are becoming more popular for kitchen renovations. We offer kitchen and/or dining structures that meet or exceed health department standards.

 These temporary kitchens are very popular as they provide the customer with many options and ability to customize layout to fit their needs.  

In addition, Rental Solutions provides customers with a turnkey temporary dining and Kitchen facility. These turnkey solutions include power/cable packages, plumbing packages, buffet, tables/chairs, walk in coolers/freezers, and much more!

No matter the size of your event. We have what you need. Our tented kitchens can be customized to fit your needs.  We can provide a kitchen, dining area and buffet section. Including marquees, and ancillary prep units.

MKS can customize the layout to fit your needs. Equipment can be LP, Electric, NG.